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About Me

Liz Wright - Wife, Mother, Home Baker. When Only The Best Will Do.

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Rewind back to 2014 when it all started.

While on maternity leave I’d bake little treats for my
10-month-old baby girl Olivia.

I would only use the finest ingredients for her little tummy with absolutely no artificial flavouring, additives or sugar.
Well, everybody wanted a piece of the action and why not!

With the support of my husband, my best friend Sam, God's guidance and obviously some sugar, fast forward 3 years.  Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes was born.

Our delicious cakes and cupcakes are baked in our bespoke cake studio. All our bakes are prepared in small batches to ensure quality and perfection every time.

So, in keeping with the best organic ingredients (where possible), we use Shipton Mill’s flour, Netherend Farm butter, free-range organic eggs, Billintons unrefined cane sugar and Callebaut chocolate and cocoa.

Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes. A sweet treat in every bite! x

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