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Terms & Conditions



 By ordering from Livvy's Kitchen Cupcakes, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.  

Please take a couple of minutes to read the terms and conditions before making a booking. 


A 50% non-refundable booking fee will be required to hold the date, purchase ingredients and supplies with the remaining balance payable 7 days before delivery or collection.

Orders placed less than 2 weeks in advance of the delivery/collection must be paid in full. 


We accept bank transfer payments.

Quotes, booking fees and placing an Order. 


Quotes are valid for three weeks from the date stated.  Cakes are not booked in until a 50% non-refundable booking fee has been received.  


 Booking fees are non-refundable or transferable. 

Once payment has been received, you are entering into a contract with Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes and confirm you fully and irrevocably agree to the terms and conditions of 
Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes.  

Your Order  

The cakes become the total responsibility of the purchaser once collected/ delivered.  

No refunds will be given for any damage caused by yourself once the cake has been handed over.   

All cakes are photographed before collection and the original files are referenced and stored as proof of good practice.  


Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes reserves the right to photograph your cakes for social media or our website. 


Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes warrants that, on the collection, the cakes shall conform to the description as set out in the Order.  Confirmation, be of satisfactory quality and comply with all food safety, statutory and regulatory requirements in the UK. 

 Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes will not be held responsible for Customer disappointment of the design or the interpretation of the cake so long as it is made in line with the Customer’s pre-agreed requirements as set out in the order confirmation and will face no subsequent liability.  

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure all details within the order confirmation or sketch are correct and meet their exact requirements. 


This warranty does not apply to any defect in the cakes arising from wilful damage, accident, negligence by the customer or any third party if you use the cake in any way other than that which Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes recommended, or the Customer’s failure to follow any instructions provided, or any alterations carried out by a third party. 

I cannot replicate another cake-makers work due to work ethic, but I am happy to use photographs as inspiration. If you have used photographs of another cake maker's work for inspiration, please inform me at the point of discussion which specific details you wish me to use. 

We cannot guarantee the colour of your fondant, buttercream etc will be the same as those cakes in the pictures.  Lights, your computer screen and photography all play a part in the result of our photo uploads. 

The final price may change if any changes are made to the initial quoted request. (Ie. size, flavour or design). These will be agreed upon before we start the order. 


If in any event, you have to cancel, a deduction may be held for any work that may already have started and for materials already purchased that can not be used for another cake.

Payments will not be refunded if you cancel your order with less than 5 days' notice.

All cancellation needs to be made by email: 

In the unlikely event that I NEED to cancel your order, any payment made will be refunded in full. 

 Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes reserves the right to cancel, vary or suspend the operation of this contract if events occur which are out of our control including fire, floods, storm, plant breakdown, strike, lockouts, riot, hostilities, also non-availability of supplies, illness or any other event outside of the control and shall not be liable for any breach of contract resulting from such an event. 

 Collection & Delivery 

Delivery cost will be charged at £8 within a 5-mile radius.   Further afield, will be an additional £10 plus 45p per mile delivery fee return trip. 

Cakes costing over £250 qualify for free delivery  

The delivery fee may rise according to current inflation/fuel/tax/insurance prices. 

You will be provided with the address for collection once your booking fee has been received.  

Please ensure that on the collection, the boot of your car is clear to transport your cake.   




Livvy's Kitchen Cupcake prepares all cakes in a cake studio where we handle nuts milk and dairy. We are unable to ensure a nut or allergy-free environment.  We will do our best to use separate utensils, bowls, beaters and pans for those with nut allergies.  We will do an extra clean and your cake will take priority as the first bake of the day, but nut particles can still be in the atmosphere. 


Cakes should always be transported in the boot or passenger footwell of your car, and never on a seat or a passenger’s knee.  If needed, I can provide a piece of non-slip matting, which will ensure your cake stays in place. You should never need to bring a passenger to hold your cake but may need someone to help you lift it when you reach your destination.  When you lift your cake, please ensure it is kept level at all times as your cake may be heavy. 

I will always help you with your cake to the car if you require assistance.  

In hot weather, please ensure your car is cooled as much as possible before you arrive (either by having the windows open to ensure good airflow or the air conditioning running). Never leave your cake in the car for longer than is necessary – if you have errands to run whilst collecting the cake, please ensure I am last on your list before you go home or to the venue. 


Your cake is a freshly made item that contains no additives or preservatives.  It will always be at its best if consumed within three days.  Please store your cut cake in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources in the box provided.  

Do not refrigerate unless the cake is filled with fresh fruit or fresh cream.   If this is the case, please keep the cake in its box or well wrapped in cling film/foil. 

You will need to bring your cake back to room temperature before serving. 

Complaints Procedure 

Please note – in the event of a complaint I can only deal with the Customer who placed the original order.   

Where the complaint is regarding the quality of the cake, then the cake must be returned to Livvy's Kitchen Cupcakes as soon as possible and within 24 hours of collection/delivery to ensure I can assess the nature of the complaint fairly and promptly. If you choose to take your cake to a third party for repairs or alterations without prior consent, your warranty is immediately invalidated and you will not be entitled to refund or compensation, as I will not be held responsible for work another person has undertaken.  

Privacy Policy 

Here at Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes, I take your privacy seriously. The information I gather from you in person by email or by telephone may include your name, address, telephone number, email address, the date of your event, and the delivery address of your event if applicable.  

At no time do I hold financial information about you, other than details of payments you may have made to me or that which is pertinent to your order. I do not underhold any details such as credit or debit card numbers. 

 I do not share or sell your information to any third party, and only those directly involved in the processing of your order will have any access to the information as discussed above.  

Once your order is complete, I do not store your payment detail information in any form of database, it is not kept any longer than necessary for my records, and it is destroyed responsibly. 


 This privacy policy has been updated in line with the new GDPR legislation which came into force on 25th May 2018. 


1. Your initial booking fee reserves your event date and is non-refundable. 

2. We must receive the balance by the due date indicated or the contract is null and void, and the booking fee will not be refunded. 

3. The date of your final payment is the final date for any changes in size, style or flavours of the cake. Any changes requested after this date cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges. 

4. Delivery and setup is depending on the location of the venue and will be stipulated in the final price. 

5. We are not responsible for any damage to the cake after the setup is complete. You are responsible for providing an appropriate and secure table and environment for the cake(s). Cakes are heavy and require a sturdy table and optimal room temperature of 23 degrees Celsius or below. 

6. If flowers are provided by an outside source, we will place them for an additional fee. You acknowledge that fresh flowers are not a food product, and may contain pesticides, insects, dirt, or other contaminants. 

7. If you or your representative elects to pick up and set up the cake, you assume all liability and responsibility for the condition of the cake once it leaves our possession. 

8. On occasion we will photograph our cakes and we reserve the right to use any photographs for display or promotion without compensation to you. 

9. Our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold us harmless for allergic reactions. 

10. Performance of this agreement is contingent upon our ability to complete the Agreement and is subject to labour disputes or strikes, accidents, Acts of God, and other causes beyond our control. 

The Service and all materials therein or transferred thereby, including, without limitation, software, images, text, graphics, logos, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, photographs, audio, videos, music and all Intellectual Property Rights related thereto, are the exclusive property of Livvy’s Kitchen Cupcakes. 

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